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RE: Urgent Hauge

I have a client with an international DM case.  Her husband is a French citizen and lives in France.  A few weeks ago, my client decided that she did not want to file for divorce because of the complications of the Hague Convention, so we are letting the Summons expire, which it will do on July 21. 


My client received paperwork this morning from the Center for Missing and Exploited children with a request that she return the baby to France (her husband and the baby’s father) by July 24.  The letter stated that if she fails to do so, her husband will initiate a legal case against her for the return of the baby under the Hague Convention. 


Because I have not handled a Hague case before, I am fairly unfamiliar with the technicalities of it, and it seems like an overwhelming amount to learn in one week, especially given my other obligations.  Do you know if there are any attorneys who would be willing to assist me with this case, or take it over on a pro bono basis?   I would GREATLY appreciate any assist you can provide with this issue. 


Thanks so much.



Yours very truly,


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