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I have a client in desperate need of legal advice regarding a recent re-finance loan from a predatory lender.   The problem is the client is over income for LSEM services.   Unbelievable that $2117 per month is above the poverty level for a family of four!  Their entire income is from Social Security Disability.

Legal Services of Eastern MI is prohibited by law from opening any case where the client is over 125% of the poverty level.  Therefore, any attorney willing to assist this client would not receive support services from LSEM, and would not have their hours credited thru the Pro Bono Program.

If there is any SCBA attorney who is willing to assist this client, he/she can contact me at LSEM 755-4465.  It may be possible that this client would be able to pay a minimal fee.  Thank you for your support of the Pro Bono Program.

          Marilyn Hackett

Pro Bono Coordinator





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