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municipalities represented by john mccolgan

dear bar,
please be advised that i represent the following municipalities in regard to the following types of cases:
city of saginaw- traffic,misdemeanors,municipal civil infractions
carrollton twp-   traffic,misdemeanors,municipal civil infractions are handled by gary campbell
richland township- traffic,misdemeanors
village of birch run- traffic,misdemeanors,municipal civil infractions
birch run township- municipal civil infractions are handled by andrew concannon
tittabawassee township- traffic,misdemeanors,municipal civil infractions are handled by gary campbell
city of zilwaukee- traffic,misdemeanors
when filing an appearance please include the following information:
issuing agency
date of offense
type of offense
citation/case number
any questions, feel free to e-mail me at or page me at 222-2768 and i will call as soon as i am able.
john a. mccolgan jr.

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