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Seeking Family Law Attorney

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To:     SCBA Family Law Attorneys
From: Marilyn Hackett, Pro Bono Coordinator, Legal Services of Eastern MI
RE: Divorce with Custody ....Client Ineligible for Legal Services Program

I am hoping that there is a family law attorney out there who could assist this client. She is in the U.S. on a student visa....she is a student at SVSU. There is one minor child. The client applied to LSEM for assistance with divorce but was found ineligible since she is not a citizen and does not have a green card. This client had retained attorney Shannon Pitcher at the beginning of her divorce when she was employed. As you know, Ms Pitcher is no longer practicing law due to criminal matters.

This client is indigent. She needs help. Please contact me for further information. I appreciate the support of the SCBA in this matter. Thank you very much.

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