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Howard Wooldridge speaks to SCBA

Former Drug Warrior Calls For the End to Drug Prohibition!


Howard Wooldridge


Retired Michigan Police Officer speaks out about America’s longest war


“Cops Say Legalize Drugs. Ask One Why.”


April 13th, 2007

Saginaw, Michigan


After three decades of fueling the U.S. War on Drugs with over a trillion tax dollars and increasingly punitive policies, our court system is choked with ever-increasing prosecutions of non-violent drug violations, and our quadrupled prison population has made building prisons this nation's fastest growing industry. Just what have we accomplished with our current policies?


Drugs are now more potent, are more readily available, and cost

even less than they did 30 years ago!

This scenario is the very definition of a failed policy.

LEAP believes that a system of regulation and control is much more


effective than one of prohibition.



Howard Wooldridge is a retired Michigan police detective. He has seen the huge effect of the Drug War on the justice system, the effect on urban communities, and the effect on our budgets.  Because of his beliefs, Howard has devoted his life to fighting for liberty, common sense and for a public policy that is grounded in efficacy and not crusade-based ideology.



Howard will be meeting with local State representatives, Saginaw city leaders, and Saginaw County Bar members on

Friday, April 13th, 4:00 pm, at

Center Courts, 3320 N. Center Road,

Saginaw Township



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