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Law Library - Missing Books

To all Saginaw County Bar Members:


The following items have gone missing from the Saginaw County Law Library

  *   Michigan Model Civil Jury Instructions

        Blue Binders, both volumes, 3 or more inches thick

        Missing since Monday 04-16-07


   * Courtroom Handbook on Michigan Evidence

        Soft bound bright blue

        Missing since 04-10-07


 State Appellate Defenders Office

    Trial series 4 volume set, 2 volumes missing

    *  2006 Defender Trial Book

     * 2006  Defender Plea, Sentencing and Post Conviction Book

        Large bright blue binders, 3 or more inches thick

        Missing since 04-10-07  


If you borrowed these publications please return them to the library immediately.        



Patricia A. Becker, Librarian

Saginaw County Law Library



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