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SCBA Criminal Justice Committee

Brief History of Proposal for Criminal Defense Attorney’s

 In September 2006 the Criminal  Justice Committee of the Saginaw County Bar Association was formed.    One of the goals of the committee included an increase in the compensation paid to attorneys who represent indigent defendants.  As a result of 8 months of deliberations the committee submitted their proposal to the Circuit Court Judges of Saginaw County and Court Administrator David Cable.  About the same time,  Kelly M. Suppes, from the Saginaw County Governmental Center mailed to attorneys on the Assign Counsel list the ‘Saginaw County 10th Circuit Court Request for Proposal for Consortium-Professional Legal Services for Indigent Defendants with Cases filed in Saginaw 10th Circuit’.

 Respectfully, the Criminal Justice Committee requests that you read both proposals.   Send your request for copies of either to


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