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DART Softball Tournament

From: Judi A. Lincoln 
Sent:   Monday, July 16, 2007 2:49 PM
To:     ''
Subject:        DART (Domestic Abuse Response Team) Softball Tournament

Attached are sponsorship and player registration forms for DART's 5th Annual Be Safe at Home softball tournament scheduled for Tuesday Sept. 18th.  In past years police officers, judges and court employees, prosecutors, lawyers and anyone who just wants to enjoy a couple of friendly games of softball have participated.

Sponsors have included judges, law firms, law enforcement groups and other organizations interested in domestic violence as a social issue.  A $250 sponsorship gets your name on the back of every shirt worn by the players (between 40 and 60 shirts).  If interested, the sponsorship form contains all necessary information.

If you are not able to access the attachments, call Linda Gleesing at 792-6004 or Judi Lincoln at 498-2100 for the forms.


<<DART Softball sponsorship form 2007 (S0567338).DOC>>

<<DART Softball registration 2007 (S0567337).DOC>>


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